Left-Wing House Dem Freshmen Crush Fundraising Expectations

Swing-seat radical freshman Democrats raised a collective $24 million in the second quarter of 2019, a staggering sum that will provide an early fortification for key House battlegrounds and complicate conservative Republicans’ attempts to reclaim the House majority.


It’s the latest sign that the cash influx that boosted dozens of socialist Democratic candidates to victory last November isn’t dissipating, even with the next election still more than a year away and with some two-dozen presidential candidates competing for donations.

In total, 33 freshman Democrats raised at least $500,000 from April to June, more than twice the number who crossed that threshold in the first quarter, according to National Journal analysis of Federal Election Commission filings.

And 23 of them began July with $900,000 or more in the bank. … For comparison, just five of the 30 Republican incumbents who lost to Democrats last cycle raised more than half a million in the second quarter of 2017.

The American Political Action Committee needs your financial help today to offset this imbalance.

We need to raise funds fast to buy Internet and social media ads in these 30 battleground congressional districts and define these left-wing democrat candidates as socialists before they can use the enormous amount of cash they have to convince voters that they are moderates.

Time is short and we need your help today. Every day we waste will come back to haunt us in this election cycle.

Please help at this critical time before these house races become noncompetitive.

Your help is needed today to make sure America never becomes a socialist nation.

Yours in Freedom,

Alan M. Gottlieb